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    Getting Started



    Welcome. Simulton is the modern way to perform a task efficiently and directly with a minimum amount of overhead.


    1.         Tabs: A tab is a collection of functions

    2.         Ribbon: Main command bar

    3.         Settings, Help Section

    4.         Tool windows: Show content to the user



    Ribbons are a new and engaging form of command presentation. Functions (3) on the Ribbon-UI require more space than traditional toolbar commands. Functions are structured into groups (5) and a tab combines multiple groups of functions. Groups (5) make it easier to determine the purpose of functions through context. Tabs allows you to use your screen space more efficiently and find functions faster. Tabs can either be core tabs (1) or contextual tabs (2). Core Tabs are always displayed while contextual tabs are only shown when a specific function or plugin is active. Most functions are labeled, self-explanatory icons, which use tooltips (4) to provide supplemental information.



    Tiling Window Manager

    Rearrange and Stacking

    The tiling window manager which is built in Simulton helps you with the organization of the screen into multiple, non-overlapping frames/tiles.


    You can either add new windows (3) side by side (1) or stack them on top of each other (2).


    New Windows


    You can see all available windows (provided by plugins) on the “Plugins” Tab. Each Plugin (1) can create his own function within this tab to provide the option to the user to create new windows (3). You can chose which window you want to open by clicking on the according option on the dropdown (2).


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