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    Process Automation Basics


    Process Automation Plugin

    The Simulton Process Plugin allows you to model and execute processes to automate recurring tasks. The plugin contains the following windows:


    Item Library

    Contains all Blocks which can be used to automate tasks. You can find a list with all available blocks on our Website. If you have ideas for new Blocks/Components you can share your ideas with us in our Community Forum.


    History Viewer

    All values can get seen in the History Viewer (3). Every wire represents a row and each process step a column. If you want to see the details about a specific cell you can double-click it and the Structure Editor (4) will open up. This dialog allows you to see properties of the cell like the Type, Value Type or the Value itself.


    Netlist Viewer

    The Netlist is basically a list of all drawn wires. The names within the viewer are according to the wire names which can be changed by right clicking on the wire and chose rename.



    To Plot a series of values (called droplets) you can drag and drop the wished entry from the Netlist Viewer (1) to the Plot-Window (2)


    Log Viewer

    Shows you related information (like duration or steps) after you executed a process.



    Start building a process

    You can add new blocks to your process by dragging blocks from the Items Library (3) window to the workboard (4). Blocks do have input and/or output-connectors. You can connect blocks by drawing a wire between connectors (5). To do so you must switch from Normal Mode to Wire Mode (2). To change block-properties or de-/activate connectors (in/outputs) you can double-click the block. The Operation Editor (6) will open. To start your process, you can execute it with the Run Function (1).




    The Workspace as well as the simple project example is attached to this article. If you have any questions you can use this Forum


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