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  2. Embedded developer here too - I'm the guy behind https://ugfx.io ? Do you have any news on this?
  3. I am a developer ( more of an embedded guy ). I am the person (RallyTronics) that's been trying to get your demo on GitHub up and going in VS2019. I just got the demo running last night ? As such I do have Qt installed. I will play around a bit and see if i can figure anything out.
  4. Interesting... I tested this archive (and also the binaries provided by the installer) on four different machines, two of which are fresh Windows 10 installations. I assume that you have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables installed? 2015, 2017 and 2019 should work. Do you happen to have other development environments installed (susch as a Qt installation) that would interfere with the binaries provided in the distribution? If you're into that sort of thing maybe dependency walker would provide some useful information. I'd really appreciate if you can help us to track this problem down. So far we have this software running on about a dozen different machines - can't be much!
  5. Oddy enough, I get the same result. Also if I select either Tasks or Output from the Tasks menu the application crashes quietly.
  6. We've decided that we want the new block library feature to be part of the next update. This will allow proper management of libraries. Libraries would be collections of custom blocks (blocks that are made by combining other blocks). I've uploaded a ZIP archive for you which contains the latest binaries for Windows 64-Bit. Please feel free to give that a try and let us know how that went. You should be able to just unzip the archive and run the simulton.exe. Simulton.zip
  7. Thought I would check in and see if the new update was ever released. I see no change on my end.
  8. Hmm.... I think this is a binary compatibility issue. A new update will be released today / tomorrow that will address this issue - I'll let you know where when it's out.
  9. Hi, Please excuse the inconvenience. This is the first time we're rolling this out to the public so unfortunately a few teething problems are to be expected. Can you please go to your installation folder and check whether you have a file named `libprocessplugin.dll` in there?
  10. We have the basic concept working and are currently testing a few real-world scenarios. This will definitely be in the next update. What's still left to do is some sort of library management so the user can create his or her own libraries that are reusable between projects. Right now, custom blocks are stored as part of the process file itself.
  11. I just installed Simulton ( windows 10 ). In the install I selected all of the plugins but the Process plugin does not show up on the ribbon. I looked at the getting started articles but they didn't really help. What's the secret? Thanks! John
  12. What's the state of this? It's something I am very interested in.
  13. We're currently implementing a feature that allows an end user to build custom blocks by composing other blocks. As per the writing of this post it's only possible to store the custom blocks within a process file. The next few days we'll improve the block library situation and extend it so that a user can create & manage his own libraries. At that point custom blocks will also be easily transferable. Any thoughts on this? Here's the current state: deleteme_38.mp4
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