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  2. We're currently implementing a feature that allows an end user to build custom blocks by composing other blocks. As per the writing of this post it's only possible to store the custom blocks within a process file. The next few days we'll improve the block library situation and extend it so that a user can create & manage his own libraries. At that point custom blocks will also be easily transferable. Any thoughts on this? Here's the current state: deleteme_38.mp4
  3. We've released an update that contains the new JSON & REST API blocks. Right now we only have a GET block but the others are added quickly. @lucblender it would be very nice if you could update your application and try out the new REST blocks and leave some feedback. We could improve upon that feedback and add the remaining blocks.
  4. I will definitely check that out. btw sick title-bar
  5. We've added support for HTTP basic auth and bearer authorization methods. This should make it into this week's update.
  6. Yeah, we'll definitely add authentication soon. This is how it looks right now:
  7. That's really nice. Would be good to add authentication too, I'm thinking mostly of basic authentication at first and maybe Oauth when motivation comes
  8. Right now the block accepts the following inputs: Host (string) Port (integer) Target (string) --> "Endpoint route" As per the time of posting the screenshot there was no trigger - it simply issued the request on every step. Right now we're adding an enable input (boolean).
  9. Also, what is the trigger of the rest request?
  10. That's really awesome, will open access to any api for simulton! Is it possible to see the configuration of that block?
  11. We're currently implementing blocks to deal with REST APIs (as a client). We just got the first working process. It retrieves ToDo list items from an online tool ("cloud"), parses the response body into a JSON object and then retrieves some of the values. Any thoughts?
  12. We started working on this. So far we have the following blocks: From String: Create a JSON object from a string To String: Dump a JSON object into a string From File: Load a JSON object from a file Find: Perform key look-up Count: Count number of occurrences of a particular key To Map: Convert to a map data structure To Array: Convert to an array data structure Now we're gonna add the necessary block(s) to modify/write/insert values into a JSON object. And if everything goes well we have a first public version of this by the end of the week 🙂
  13. In my point of view it would make sense to have pre-defined "perspectives" (aka workspaces)...since it is changing the user interface (not the "content"). This is basiclly also why we changed the naming - despite the fact that it will be impossible to find a naming schema which will fit all peoples habits.
  14. So about the first idea of this thread "Pre-defined workspace", how will it be applied to projects? Does that mean there will be pre-define project with blank files?
  15. Uhm, I am not sure but I think that our projects do exactly what you want / expect. A project is defined by a project file (just like in Keil, Inventor, ...). That project file contains all the information of which files are open, how the different docks are arranged, variable values, last used paths and so on. This includes the "view" part.
  16. I will provide the Logs as soon as I got back to it to try again. The device can save all measurements as *.ecg files. Those I convert to csv and use the "Line-CSV-Block" to import it to the software. However I did not figured out how to properly calculate the acctual values from this recorded signal. But I will post something as soon as I know how to do it^^ Okay, will do that. Maybe the sceenshot above was a bit confusing since it's hard to figure out what the problem is: The screenshot shows the full plot/graph window. The scaling is offset/cut off and does not start with 0. Non-OpenGL version looks kinda the same but a bit flatter and the graph starts at 0. But I will provide screenshots asap as soon as I got back to it.
  17. It looks really good. Maybe the "projects" appellation can be confusing. To me, first thing I think when I see "project" and some save/open buttons would be files regrouped in a project. (Saving all the files, oppening a folder as a project ) Maybe having it called "View" could be good?
  18. Are the plots with OpenGL disabled looking the way you expect them to? If so, can you please also provide a screenshot of the non-OpenGL version so we get a better understanding of what you're experiencing.
  19. Alright, we have spend some time to revise this. What we did: "Workspaces" are renamed to "Projects" "Perspectives" are renamed to "Workspaces" The File, Workspace and View ribbon pages have been merged into the Home ribbon page What do you think?
  20. Yeah there seems to go on some unusual stuff. Are there any messages in the Log-Viewer (Help -> Log)? Also I was wondering how you were able to import/access the data from such a device?
  21. Yeah, I also think it's better like that. Maybe I would also consider to have some sort of placeholder. Look at @thoeby's screenshot...this Adobe-Software has this gray area as long as you don't have any documents opened. This could also a good thing for the default workspaces.
  22. Was playing around with the Simulton software. Then I had the brilliant idea to process my ECG-Data...I get around 2'000 Values/sek/channel. To convert those values, split the array and calculate the moving average it takes less then a second. That's very nice. But as soon as I try plot those values (tried with 5 sec. and a single channel - so basically 10'000 values) I need to enable OpenGL. Then I get some sort of scaling/rendering issue: Is it just me or is there a bug? Thank you for helping me out on this matter.
  23. It's definitely more user friendly, the old save and load perspective were a bit sad. Regrouping the always on top and perspective under window also make sense. Maybe keeping the plural for perspectives is better?
  24. Providing predefined workspaces is definitely doable. We'll get to that shortly. In the meantime we're working on an update of the ribbon UI: The Workspace page is now renamed to View. The perspectives received a nice icon and the Window -> Always on top which used to reside on the right side of the ribbon has been moved into that new View page as well. Screenshot below. We're also working on having different icons for the workspace new/open/save/close buttons to minimize confusion with the similar buttons of the File ribbon page. What do you think?
  25. It's clearly interesting! Could be good to link it to csv process block. Like having the possibility to open the csv from "from csv file" and "to csv file" block directly to this plugin.
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