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    The Simulton installer. You can choose which plugins you want to install during installation. See this guide if you'd like to learn how to perform updates:
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    We're currently implementing blocks to deal with REST APIs (as a client). We just got the first working process. It retrieves ToDo list items from an online tool ("cloud"), parses the response body into a JSON object and then retrieves some of the values. Any thoughts?
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    We've added support for HTTP basic auth and bearer authorization methods. This should make it into this week's update.
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    We started working on this. So far we have the following blocks: From String: Create a JSON object from a string To String: Dump a JSON object into a string From File: Load a JSON object from a file Find: Perform key look-up Count: Count number of occurrences of a particular key To Map: Convert to a map data structure To Array: Convert to an array data structure Now we're gonna add the necessary block(s) to modify/write/insert values into a JSON object. And if everything goes well we have a first public version of this by the end of the week ?
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    Based on the little data visible in the history viewer it seems that your values are delimited by a semicolon, not a comma. Therefore, it's not a CSV file. The CSV blocks are currently hardcoded to only operate on the comma delimiter. We'll consider providing the ability to specify an alternative delimiter in the next few days. Did you write this test/sample file yourself? If it is exported from somewhere then check whether the export options allow to change the delimited to a comma.
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