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  1. This is a simple process that loads values of a blood pressure & pulse measurement device via CSV file and calculates the min, max & mean value of the pulse over time.
  2. A list of existing blocks can be found on our website: https://elixpad.com/plugin/blocks You can post your ideas & desires to our whishlist.
  3. Based on the little data visible in the history viewer it seems that your values are delimited by a semicolon, not a comma. Therefore, it's not a CSV file. The CSV blocks are currently hardcoded to only operate on the comma delimiter. We'll consider providing the ability to specify an alternative delimiter in the next few days. Did you write this test/sample file yourself? If it is exported from somewhere then check whether the export options allow to change the delimited to a comma.
  4. I'm curious to know what the intended purpose was here as you're not allowed to connect more than one output connector to the same net. In this case, you have at least two of them (the output connectors of both constant source blocks). The engine should definitely catch this error and prevent execution of the process while leaving a corresponding notice in the log file.
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