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  1. I am a developer ( more of an embedded guy ). I am the person (RallyTronics) that's been trying to get your demo on GitHub up and going in VS2019. I just got the demo running last night ? As such I do have Qt installed. I will play around a bit and see if i can figure anything out.
  2. Oddy enough, I get the same result. Also if I select either Tasks or Output from the Tasks menu the application crashes quietly.
  3. Thought I would check in and see if the new update was ever released. I see no change on my end.
  4. I just installed Simulton ( windows 10 ). In the install I selected all of the plugins but the Process plugin does not show up on the ribbon. I looked at the getting started articles but they didn't really help. What's the secret? Thanks! John
  5. What's the state of this? It's something I am very interested in.
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