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  1. In my point of view it would make sense to have pre-defined "perspectives" (aka workspaces)...since it is changing the user interface (not the "content"). This is basiclly also why we changed the naming - despite the fact that it will be impossible to find a naming schema which will fit all peoples habits.
  2. Yeah there seems to go on some unusual stuff. Are there any messages in the Log-Viewer (Help -> Log)? Also I was wondering how you were able to import/access the data from such a device?
  3. @Alex We got also feedback form alex regarding the same topic. I am not a very heavy Blender user but as far as I can tell they take a similar approach as Adobe with their Creative Suite Software. Maybe it would be a good option to have a default-workspace per plugin. Do you think that would help for new users to get familiar with the software?
  4. @printmaster What do you have in mind? I saw you also commented on this thread - maybe it would also help to have specific blocks for services like IFTTT/Zapier? Also thanks for your other inputs...we will devently have an eye on that.
  5. Hello misch_elle Is there any way you can provide/upload a sample of the csv you tried to read?
  6. This topic is where you should place any suggestions, ideas to improve etc. Place any wishlist type stuff here, even crazy stuff. Please use the search function to check out if somebody else already proposed the same or a similar idea. Polls are active on this forum for everyone. We are in direct contact to the development team to get new features to the software as fast as possible - so let us know what you are thrilled about. If you have any question related to this topic or don't feel confident enough to start a dedicated thread, you can reply to this one at any time :) Thank you for all your help. thoeby
  7. 42 downloads

    The Simulton installer. You can choose which plugins you want to install during installation. See this guide if you'd like to learn how to perform updates:
  8. Process Automation Plugin The Simulton Process Plugin allows you to model and execute processes to automate recurring tasks. The plugin contains the following windows: Item Library Contains all Blocks which can be used to automate tasks. You can find a list with all available blocks on our Website. If you have ideas for new Blocks/Components you can share your ideas with us in our Community Forum. History Viewer All values can get seen in the History Viewer (3). Every wire represents a row and each process step a column. If you want to see the details about a specific cell you can double-click it and the Structure Editor (4) will open up. This dialog allows you to see properties of the cell like the Type, Value Type or the Value itself. Netlist Viewer The Netlist is basically a list of all drawn wires. The names within the viewer are according to the wire names which can be changed by right clicking on the wire and chose rename. Plot To Plot a series of values (called droplets) you can drag and drop the wished entry from the Netlist Viewer (1) to the Plot-Window (2) Log Viewer Shows you related information (like duration or steps) after you executed a process. Start building a process You can add new blocks to your process by dragging blocks from the Items Library (3) window to the workboard (4). Blocks do have input and/or output-connectors. You can connect blocks by drawing a wire between connectors (5). To do so you must switch from Normal Mode to Wire Mode (2). To change block-properties or de-/activate connectors (in/outputs) you can double-click the block. The Operation Editor (6) will open. To start your process, you can execute it with the Run Function (1). Examples The Workspace as well as the simple project example is attached to this article. If you have any questions you can use this Forum process_example.zip
  9. thoeby

    Getting Started

    Introduction Welcome. Simulton is the modern way to perform a task efficiently and directly with a minimum amount of overhead. 1. Tabs: A tab is a collection of functions 2. Ribbon: Main command bar 3. Settings, Help Section 4. Tool windows: Show content to the user Ribbon Ribbons are a new and engaging form of command presentation. Functions (3) on the Ribbon-UI require more space than traditional toolbar commands. Functions are structured into groups (5) and a tab combines multiple groups of functions. Groups (5) make it easier to determine the purpose of functions through context. Tabs allows you to use your screen space more efficiently and find functions faster. Tabs can either be core tabs (1) or contextual tabs (2). Core Tabs are always displayed while contextual tabs are only shown when a specific function or plugin is active. Most functions are labeled, self-explanatory icons, which use tooltips (4) to provide supplemental information. Tiling Window Manager Rearrange and Stacking The tiling window manager which is built in Simulton helps you with the organization of the screen into multiple, non-overlapping frames/tiles. You can either add new windows (3) side by side (1) or stack them on top of each other (2). New Windows You can see all available windows (provided by plugins) on the “Plugins” Tab. Each Plugin (1) can create his own function within this tab to provide the option to the user to create new windows (3). You can chose which window you want to open by clicking on the according option on the dropdown (2).
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