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  1. In my point of view it would make sense to have pre-defined "perspectives" (aka workspaces)...since it is changing the user interface (not the "content"). This is basiclly also why we changed the naming - despite the fact that it will be impossible to find a naming schema which will fit all peoples habits.

  2. @Alex We got also feedback form alex regarding the same topic. 


    I am not a very heavy Blender user but as far as I can tell they take a similar approach as Adobe with their Creative Suite Software.


    Maybe it would be a good option to have a default-workspace per plugin. Do you think that would help for new users to get familiar with the software?



  3. This topic is where you should place any suggestions, ideas to improve etc. Place any wishlist type stuff here, even crazy stuff.


    Please use the search function to check out if somebody else already proposed the same or a similar idea.


    Polls are active on this forum for everyone. We are in direct contact to the development team to get new features to the software as fast as possible - so let us know what you are thrilled about. 


    If you have any question related to this topic or don't feel confident enough to start a dedicated thread, you can reply to this one at any time :)


    Thank you for all your help.



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