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  1. That's really nice. Would be good to add authentication too, I'm thinking mostly of basic authentication at first and maybe Oauth when motivation comes
  2. Also, what is the trigger of the rest request?
  3. That's really awesome, will open access to any api for simulton! Is it possible to see the configuration of that block?
  4. So about the first idea of this thread "Pre-defined workspace", how will it be applied to projects? Does that mean there will be pre-define project with blank files?
  5. It looks really good. Maybe the "projects" appellation can be confusing. To me, first thing I think when I see "project" and some save/open buttons would be files regrouped in a project. (Saving all the files, oppening a folder as a project ) Maybe having it called "View" could be good?
  6. It's definitely more user friendly, the old save and load perspective were a bit sad. Regrouping the always on top and perspective under window also make sense. Maybe keeping the plural for perspectives is better?
  7. It's clearly interesting! Could be good to link it to csv process block. Like having the possibility to open the csv from "from csv file" and "to csv file" block directly to this plugin.
  8. Exaclty what I had in mind! Would clearly help new users to not get lost too long on the default blank file.
  9. I'm mostly thinking of a block that can input a string and convert it as a JSON object. Also maybe a block that can create a JSON Object from a dynamic number of input? Then when we have JSON object, having blocks that can manipulate it: retreiving data from key modifying data from key saving the JSON object into file
  10. I mostly have this idea because of Blender whose give pre defined UI for modelling, sculpting, image processing etc, but still give you the posibility to create new one and to modify the already existing one. Following the Blender model would be really great. For the struggling part it's mostly that now simulton want to define itself mostly by its block functionallity. A user not knowing its past as elixpad hope to download an software to works with blocks now. And what happen when your first open it? It opens with a blank file window. Some user will probably think "Where are the blocks?". There is two kinds of user, those who gonna go to documentation and the others that don't look documentation and just want a software to work as soon as downloaded and those are probably the majority.
  11. I wasn't aware it was already implemented, that's nice, but for now not really user friendly. When navigating in 2d or 3d view, users are used to use the mousewheel and most of the time for different type of zoom of scroll, combining the mousewheel with alt, shift or ctrl button. Could be a good addition do add the x/y scrolling and x/y zooming with a combination of those key and the mousewheel. For the scroll bar, I think mostly of a horizontal scroll bar under the plot. Maybe it will be a bit redundant since I know that we can just click and drag on axis.
  12. Plots are awesome! But you know what could make them more awesome? More scrolling and scalling options! I'm mostling thinking about: scalling (zooming) only in x or y axis having the possibility to scroll only in x or y axis maybe a scroll bar for the y axis that restrain the plot to start and end of simulation
  13. There is xml but the poor JSON is left alone out of simulton.... Would be a good adition, especially if combined to web technologie (RESTful api, websocket) to automatically process their outputs!
  14. Hello simulteam, So yesterday I did download simulton, and yeah, I did struggle a bit to create a workspace dedicated to process. I think you should provide pre-defined workspace for process, coding, etc... Especially a pre-defined workspace for process since you now spotlight this part of the software!
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