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  1. Ahh, I see. Okay - well yes it is a semicolon - and to make things even worse the decimal-symbol is not a point (.) its a comma (,) Currently I don't know - but I will check that an let you know as soon as I know. price.csv
  2. Hi everyone... :) I am currently checking out this tool. I have a webshop where I have to keep an eye on competitors prices (mainly sold on amazon). I do have a plugin for my web shop. This worked great for a couple of years but since I have to monitor those prices more frequently, this solution gets very slow/annoying. So Ia am looking for a tool to process large data sets (>10'000 Entries per Day). My first try was to use a sample file with a couple of prices and then import it, and calculate the average price of every product. Then compare this price to the last available and if this price-change is more than 10% somehow mark it or notify me. This is where I am currently stuck...I get the data loaded into the program (with the row-by-row block) but I can't figure out the other CSV Block (Full). Thanks a lot :) M
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