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  1. I will definitely check that out. btw sick title-bar
  2. I will provide the Logs as soon as I got back to it to try again. The device can save all measurements as *.ecg files. Those I convert to csv and use the "Line-CSV-Block" to import it to the software. However I did not figured out how to properly calculate the acctual values from this recorded signal. But I will post something as soon as I know how to do it^^ Okay, will do that. Maybe the sceenshot above was a bit confusing since it's hard to figure out what the problem is: The screenshot shows the full plot/graph window. The scaling is offset/cut off and does not start with 0. Non-OpenGL version looks kinda the same but a bit flatter and the graph starts at 0. But I will provide screenshots asap as soon as I got back to it.
  3. Yeah, I also think it's better like that. Maybe I would also consider to have some sort of placeholder. Look at @thoeby's screenshot...this Adobe-Software has this gray area as long as you don't have any documents opened. This could also a good thing for the default workspaces.
  4. Was playing around with the Simulton software. Then I had the brilliant idea to process my ECG-Data...I get around 2'000 Values/sek/channel. To convert those values, split the array and calculate the moving average it takes less then a second. That's very nice. But as soon as I try plot those values (tried with 5 sec. and a single channel - so basically 10'000 values) I need to enable OpenGL. Then I get some sort of scaling/rendering issue: Is it just me or is there a bug? Thank you for helping me out on this matter.
  5. ZigBee - if possible...I do have some Hue Devices and to play around with would be perfect. Yeah, but the one you linked was more related on a e-commerce (WooCommerce) project I am working on. Currently I do have some php scripts to sync it with other services but it's a pain in the arse to maintain. In terms of home automation I do want avoid web-services as much as possible...
  6. All smart-home related stuff would be interesting. I used the software now for a couple of days and as far as I can tell there is no way to use it 'headless' on some single-board computers / IPC... maybe you should also thing about raspberry pi - I think that would really boost the community.
  7. Would this websocket block also allow us to access data from Web-API's?
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